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Often with the busyness of life we don't realise how much stress physically and mentally we are holding in our bodies. Massage is a wonderful way to relax and has some great added benefits including reducing anxiety, reducing the occurrence of headaches and migraines, repairing soft tissue, ridding the body of toxins and improving circulation to name a few.

If you purchase a course of 5 treatments you will get the 6th free, these can be used over a 12 month period and they can be transferred with family members, please contact us directly to purchase. 

You can purchase an eGift card for a monetary value using the eGift card button above. It is the perfect gift that can be sent by email to that someone special, for those who may live far away or as a last minute gift idea. eGift cards are customisable in appearance and value. 


To purchase gift vouchers for specific treatments, please get in touch with us here.


For prenatal massage, please go to the pregnancy page. 

Stress relief – 40 minutes

Focusing on relieving tension and knots, this personalised treatment includes an aromatherapy blend to suit your needs.

$69 for one         $345 for six

Full body massage – 60 minutes

This treatment will take away the stress and tension your body has been holding and leave you with more freedom of movement and an overall feeling of wellbeing. It includes an aromatherapy blend to suit you. Your scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs and feet are included. If you would like your face massaged please let your therapist know.

$99 for one         $495 for six

Back massage
Full body massage – 90 minutes

The ultimate full body massage, this treatment really allows time to unwind, relieving you off stress and nurturing the nervous system while healing those aching muscles and busy mind, you will leave feeling like a new person. It includes an aromatherapy blend to suit you. Massage includes your scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs and feet. If you would like your face massaged please let your therapist know.

$120 for one       $600 for six

Relieving foot treatment (add on)


Relieve those hard working feet with a coffee scrub, hot towel, nail tidy and foot massage.

Hot stone massage


Add hot stones to your massage to sooth your aching muscles and boost circulation. (Not available for pregnancy massage after 37 weeks).

Back exfoliation - 15 minutes

This treatment is amazing following a back massage or as a treatment on it’s own. Healing coconut oil mixed with the antioxidants in coffee and the exfoliating properties of sugar cane are gently massaged into the back to rid the body of any dead skin and give the skin a silky smooth, clean look and feel.


Full body massage with 30 minute facial – 90 minutes

The ultimate combination of full body massage and personalised facial. While the tension your body has been holding is soothed away, your body is hydrated in nourishing aromatherapy oils and your face refreshed leaving it soft, clean and glowing.

$140 for one       $700 for six

Head Massage
Lymphatic drainage massage – 60 minutes

This is a very light pressure massage which stimulates the lymphatic system. The lymph system is part of your body's immune system and helps fight infection. Lymphatic drainage massage is beneficial for increasing blood flow, reducing discomfort and inflammation as it increases your lymphatic flow reducing toxins and infection in your body. This in turn helps your body feel more energetic and less sluggish. We use oils specifically designed to assist with this.

$80 for one       $400 for six

Indian head massage – 30 minutes

If you enjoy a scalp massage this is the one for you. Using a variety of massage techniques and pressure point massage your scalp and face are the focus. Your upper back, neck and shoulders are included to leave you feeling like you are floating. Particularly helpful for those who suffer migraines and headaches. This treatment is traditionally performed using nourishing oils in the hair, let your therapist know you would prefer oil or no oil.

$60 for one       $300 for six

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