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Pregnancy comes with so much joy but also with the reality of aches and pains that can make you feel exhausted. Relax into the hands of a fully qualified massage therapist and let the tension melt away leaving you feeling like you are floating. All treatments offered by Waterlily are available to prenatal clients with the exception of hot stones and body wrap. Massage is completely safe throughout the entire pregnancy, but if you have had any concerns please let us know.

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To purchase gift vouchers for specific treatments, please get in touch with us here.

Body treatments

Full body dry exfoliation – 30 minutes

Flowing dry brushing will not only remove dead skin and unclog pores, it increases circulation which promotes lymph flow, aiding in detoxing. Your skin will feel smoother, softer and brighter. This treatment is great before getting a spray tan or before a massage to allow the oils to deeply hydrate the skin.


Back exfoliation - 15 minutes

This treatment is amazing following a back massage or as a treatment on it’s own. Healing coconut oil mixed with the antioxidants in coffee and the exfoliating properties of sugar cane are gently massaged into the back to rid the body of any dead skin and give the skin a silky smooth, clean look and feel.


Sugar body exfoliation
Back facial – 45 minutes

This is a soothing and healing treatment that will leave your skin smooth and clean. The treatment begins with a massage to soften skin and ease muscle tension, it is then followed by an antibacterial steam and cleanse, then a coffee sugar antioxidant scrub and mask, then hot towelled. Extractions can be performed if required. Essential oils are used to heal and promote clean and healthy skin.

$59 for one                      $295 for six

Body wrap – 60 minutes

A personalised aromatherapy oil mix is massaged into your skin. You are then wrapped in a warm cocoon and while the oil infuses into your skin softening, detoxifying, renewing and healing, you relax with a foot, scalp and facial massage. Best results when used alongside the dry exfoliation.

$70 for one                      $350 for six

More treatments
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